Our services

We deal with designing, assembling, and welding steel structures.

  • steel halls
  • storage halls
  • production halls
  • logistic centres
  • industrial structures
  • building structures
  • ventilation ducts
  • towers and posts
  • overpasses and bridges
  • steel floor systems

We specialise in renovating and upgrading manufacturing equipment for industry.

  • full-scale overhauls of machines
  • full-scale overhauls of industrial equipment
  • production line improvements
  • production line modification
  • production line reconstruction
  • upgrade of old machines
  • extension of machine functionality
  • upgrades of machines in terms of safety

We perform quick upgrades and renovations of storage tanks.

  • repair works inside tanks
  • repair works outside tanks
  • renovation of pressure and atmospheric tanks
  • renovation of tanks for liquid fuels, alcohol, and hazardous products
  • reinforcement of storage tanks
  • maintenance of large-size storage tanks
  • upgrade of tanks and silos
  • replacement of tanks

Our service portfolio includes the assembly, upgrade and repair of transmission pipelines, process pipelines, and the construction of process systems.

  • construction of systems for the energy, petrochemical, and gas sectors
  • assembly of pipeline systems
  • repair of transmission pipelines
  • maintenance of transmission pipelines
  • upgrade of transmission pipelines
  • repairs of corrosion pits