Construction, upgrade and repair of storage tanks for industry

Our enterprise collaborated with numerous industrial companies. We provide various steel elements and structures which are safe and can serve for long years. We deal with the construction and assembly of storage tanks, and also perform professional upgrades and renovations of storage tanks. We have also earned the trust of individual clients, and our team have vast work experience and all required authorisations that allow them to engage in even the most complex tasks.

EURO-SPAW is a contractor responsible for comprehensive performance of project tasks in respect of the construction of low-pressure and atmospheric storage tanks. Our technical and equipment potential, experienced highly qualified staff, and good work organisation facilitate the performance of even the most difficult undertakings of this type, in a short time and at competitive prices. The company holds licences from the Office of Technical Inspection for the assembly, upgrade, and renovation of tanks. You can feel safe to trust us and entrust to EURO-SPAW employees the construction, assembly, upgrade or renovation of storage tanks.


At EURO-SPAW we build standard and non-standard storage tanks, tailored to the individual order from the clients, according to our documentation or the documentation we are provided with. Our technical and technological equipment allows us to conduct fast upgrades and renovations of storage tanks we have produced and those provided by other companies. We conduct all work, including the assembly of storage tanks, quickly, and do our best not to disturb the operations of the enterprises we are providing services to. EURO-SPAW's technical equipment allows an independent production of ordered storage tanks characterised by highest quality levels.