List of grants:

"Expansion of an enterprise trading as Wiesław Kasprzycki EURO-SPAW on the German and Danish markets by way of promoting pipeline assembly, repair, and upgrade services."

Project objectives and planned results:

The company expects that, as a result of internationalisation, it will:
a) enter new foreign markets - Germany and Denmark;
b) increase revenue though export growth by minimum 10% in relation to 2021;
c) develop its operations thanks to the experience gained through international economic cooperation;
d) increase profit, which in turn will translate into new investments, e.g. the purchase of new machines and equipment which are necessary to boost production capacity;
e) establish new international contacts, which will allow the enterprise to expand to further international markets.

Measurable project results:

a) the number of ready-to-use internationalisation business models - 1
b) the number of new markets (countries) in which the applicant has become ready to launch the sale of its products - 2
c) the number of arranged distribution channels to be used on the target markets - 4

Project value:

The total project value is PLN 634,311.00 (in words: six hundred thirty four thousand three hundred and eleven zlotys 00/100).

Contribution from European Funds:

Project funding as de minimis aid - PLN 438,345.00 (in words: four hundred and thirty eight thousand three hundred and forty five zlotys, 00/100)

Implementation term:

1/05/2021 - 28/02/2023