Renovation and upgrade of manufacturing equipment for industry

After years of intense operations even top class devices need upgrades. he renovation of devices extends the service life of machines and devices, reduces company maintenance costs, as the expenditures for upgrades are lower than the costs incurred when new equipment is purchased. This allows companies to use well-tested machines which only need repair, renovation and start-up. EURO-SPAW guarantees professional renovation of devices, upgrades and modernisation of machines that are used in industry.

One of the core areas of our operations is the implementation of construction projects, upgrades and renovations of industrial systems and process devices: process lines and appliances, compressors and pumps, pumping stations, distribution terminals together with infrastructure facilities. Our substantial organisational potential and the experience of our management staff gained in the course of participating in the implementation of numerous projects are the foundation for our ability to render services as General Contractor.

Safe and fast equipment upgrade

We often perform our work under conditions that ensure process continuity in operating facilities. To meet the conditions of maintaining the production operations of a given plant during renovation or upgrade works, it is necessary to apply special measures aimed at ensuring the safety of personnel, property and the environment. It is often the case that the works are performed in conditions of explosion hazard or highest fire hazard. EURO-SPAW has properly qualified staff and specialist equipment to perform this type of tasks while maintaining the required safety regime.

Contact EURO-SPAW to discuss equipment renovation matters

If your company has well-worn devices that need renovation, upgrade or repair, EURO-SPAW employees are here for you. Our experience allows us to efficiently conduct works which result in a successful completion of renovation work, and ensure trouble-free operation of industrial equipment for many years to come. Our experience, built on years of work, is a great support for entrepreneurs who do not want to, or can’t, buy a new device, or hope to repair equipment and restore its function, or wish to modernise the equipment and adapt it to the current needs of their enterprises.