EURO-SPAW constructs steel structures using own or provided materials. We deal with the design and assembly of steel structures which meet our clients’ expectations. We have highly-qualified staff, thanks to which every project is implemented by skilled employees in close cooperation with top class specialists for whom steel structures hold no secrets.

Welding of steel structures

Our state-of-the-art machine park allows us to manufacture metal structures of various dimensions. very element of the structures is refined and precise, with no reservations as to their quality, and guarantees the safe use of steel structures for years. We specialise in the production of steel structures intended for manufacturing halls, roofed shelters, platforms or balustrades. We will also be happy to design and manufacture cantilevers and other steel structures used in numerous industries or in the building sector. Our experience and access to state-of-the-art technologies also allows us to paint the steel structures with the use of powder coating or spray painting and to apply corrosion protection.

EURO-SPAW is able to offer the construction of any steel structures made of various materials, products and raw materials, provided both by the company itself or by the client. We manufacture steel elements. At the same time we have machines and equipment that give us the possibility to build even the most complex steel structures. The welding of steel structures is durable and safe, and as manufacturers of steel structures, we are characterised by reliability and focus on details.

Assistance and consultations about the construction of steel structures

Our clients do not need to have knowledge of designing steel structures. We provide support as early as at the stage of choosing the right solution for their companies. We deal with the planning and design of steel structures, placing emphasis on their functionality and safety. Following the approval of building plans for a given steel structure, we manufacture steel parts and move on to their assembly. The transport of structural elements is also on our side.