Process systems of transmission pipelines for industry

EURO-SPAW offers the assembly, upgrade and repair of transmission and process pipelines, and the construction of process systems, both inside and outside building premises. We carry out work that includes the welding of transmission and process pipelines as part of new projects and in plants which are in operation. We focus on the quality of the work we perform, thanks to which the systems are fully reliable, safe, and efficient.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive services which are the most competitive on the market. We offer assembly, upgrade and repair of transmission and process pipelines and fittings for fuels, water, steam, oil, compressed air and aggressive media. The company also has a number of renowned welding technologies, such as shielded metal arc welding (process No. 111), metal inert gas welding (process No. 141), mixed welding (process no. 141/111), and metal active gas welding (process No. 135/136). All technology approvals are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection in line with standards PN-EN 288-3, PN-EN 288-9, PN-EN-ISO 15614-1, EN 14163 and the Pressure Equipment Directive No. 97/23/EC. They include carbon steel, high-strength carbon steel, and austenitic steel. We are able to conduct both the assembly and welding of pipelines with minimum disruptions in the functioning of your business.

Feel free to use our assembly and welding services for transmission and process pipelines.

As a company with experience in the sphere of process systems, we recommend our services to businesses and individual clients, covering the assembly of pipelines, and welding of transmission and process pipelines. The company holds licences from the Office of Technical Inspection for the assembly, upgrade, and renovation of process pipelines. We are ready to work for the whole year, starting from the design of process systems, thorough construction and repairs, to upgrades. We have qualified staff who engage in their tasks conscientiously, according to the latest developments and long-standing experience they have gained in the course of work on various projects. We take up challenges which other competitive companies do not dare to face.